In the fall of 2022 I took part in the 75 Hard challenge, and I documented my experience in the podcast 75 Hard Daily.

The 75 Hard Challenge was created by Andy Frisella to help people build mental fortitude, break out of a rut, and to transform their entire lives. Right up my alley. I wanted to get back to a more positive mindset my life and when I found 75 Hard it was a clear path to what I needed.

The structure 75 Hard provided was perfect for me and found so much joy and fulfillment in it.

The rules of 75 Hard are quite simple;

  • Follow a diet. Any diet.
  • Work out twice a day for 45 minutes. One of those workouts must be outside.
  • Drink a gallon of water daily.
  • Read 10 pages of nonfiction daily.
  • Take progress pictures daily.

I decided to create the 75 Hard Daily to track my progress through the challenge and to share my mindset at the end of each day. It’s was a lot to take on I know, but that’s why it’s called 75 HARD. In the 75 Hard Daily podcast I am sharing a new episode every day highlighting each step in the challenge and how it went for me every single day for all 75 days.

Embarking on the 75 Hard challenge is a monumental step towards transforming your life. Remember, every day is an opportunity to prove your resilience, strength, and commitment to personal growth. Embrace the challenges, push through the setbacks, and celebrate every small victory along the way. You have the power to rewrite your story, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

The 75 Hard Daily podcast

Over the course of 75 days I published daily episodes of the 75 Hard Daily podcast sharing my journey going through 75 Hard.

All 75+ episodes can be found here. Each day starts with a quote around fitness, mindset, or personal development and goes over how that day’s challenge went for me. 

I recently did an entire week where I published a podcast episode across each of my podcasts (along with the YouTube video above) talking about various aspects of 75 Hard. Of course I called this week 75 Hard Week in JohnnyBoy Studios! Each of the episodes covers a different aspect of my experience with 75 Hard. 

75 Hard Daily – Reflecting on the experience overall and questioning if I should go through it again.

JohnnyBoy Studios – The business side of 75 Hard and what I would do differently.

SoCal Live Music Review – The music that got me through 75 Hard workouts, readings, and the unexpected side effects!

Johnny’s Library – The practice of daily reading.

Each are listed here for ease of listening! Check them out.

In doing 75 Hard I discovered many tools and resources that helped me on the journey over the 75 days. Both the mindset and the practical application of the daily tasks I needed to complete. Andy’s resources were out of stock when I began 75 Hard but so I went out and found my own. Below are curated kits I put together of the best items I found helpful in successfully completing 75 Hard.

I’ve curated a collection of high-quality gear and tools that are essential for your 75 Hard journey. Through these affiliate links, you can conveniently purchase the necessary equipment, including workout apparel, nutrition supplements, books, and more. Rest assured, these products have been carefully selected to support your success and meet the rigorous demands of the challenge.

Recommended Reading List Options

Recommended Workout Accessories

Drinking 1 gallon of water is easier when you can visually see a full gallon and consume it throughout the day. I used this water bottle in order to make sure I hit my daily goal of 1 gallon, and I still use it after finishing 75 Hard. It is durable, lightweight, small enough to carry with me to work or to the gym, and has measurements on the side in order to track the amount of water each day.

A quick way to get a workout in at home is with dumbbells. This adjustable set provides a wide option of exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.

A jumprope is one of the easiest exercises to knock out. I found this no-tangle jumprope that is both lightweight and durable for those evenings when you want to go onto your back patio for your second 45 minute workout. 

An ab-rollers will Kick your butt. Get down on the floor and crank out these babies for 45 minutes will have you hurting, but in a good way. Another super durable option for your home workouts.

Keep it all together and organized with this simple drawstring backpack. Perfect to throw in your car, keep at the office, or grab on your way out of the door. 

I keep a full list of equipment and accessories to help you through all 75 Days. Check out any of theses Kits to find items you may need along the way.

For that extra motivation and encouragement you can alway reach out to me Johnny@JohhnyBoyStudios.net

For those seeking an extra layer of support, I offer an exclusive accountability program. Join a like-minded individual who has embarked on their own 75 Hard journey. Benefit from coaching sessions, personalized tracking tools, and ongoing motivation to help you stay on track and reach your goals. Together, we will conquer the challenge and celebrate our achievements. Email for more info.

Don’t forget to grab your copy of the tracker to make sure you check off each task every day. Having something physical to sign off was game changer for me and one of the key tools that helped me to complete 75 Hard. 

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